Aloha Online Ordering - FAQPage

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Q. Is all Thai food spicy?
A. No, many dishes aren't spicy at all. We use a 0-5 star spice level with 0 stars being no spice and 5 stars being very spicy. You can always choose to add spice to a dish, but some dishes already come with 1 or 2 stars and these dishes cannot be made less spicy. 

Q. Does rice come with the dishes? 
A. Rice is included in many dishes such as curries, house specialties, rice dishes, and dinner combos. For all other items you must order rice separately. *Jasmine Rice is included for Catering Platter orders.

Q. Are there any gluten free dishes?
A. Yes. About 90% of our menu is naturally gluten free and we only use gluten free soy sauce. We cannot guarantee that any item is completely free from gluten since all food is prepped and prepared in a kitchen that has some gluten items. 

Q. Do you have any photos?
A. Yes, every dish has a photo and a description on our website at

Q. How many servings are recommended for catering?
A. We recommend 2-3 servings for lunch and 3-4 servings for dinner. Jasmine Rice is included with catering orders as well. 

Q. What is the 2% Service Charge?
A. All prices are subject to a 2% service charge. 100% of the service charge is paid out to our kitchen staff in the form of additional wages. For more information visit